2015 Aranea video game Cut scenes In my portfolio work of creative responses to text, I thought it would be interesting to experiment with game scenarios; furthermore, to apply them to a well known myth from the Greek tradition. In particular, I chose a part of the myth of Athena, in which we find the story of Arachne (which is the Greek word for ‘spider’), as described by Ovid in Book VI FABLE I of his Metamorphoses (Riley, 1893).                       2014 Nekyia For this part of my work I decided to work with a larger poetic form so I chose The Odyssey. The story of The Odyssey is about the road back home of Odysseus, the king of Ithaca, after the end of the Trojan War. Homer’s Odyssey has twenty four sections which have been organised as Books, from I to XXIV (1-24) or Rhapsodies Α to Ω.The book or the rhapsody I chose to audiovisualy represent is BookXI or Rhapsody Λ and more specific Nekyia. Nekyia is characterised by Jung as a symbol of the descent into the unconsciousness.                        Short video series                                             2013 Haiku Series I chose to work with Haiku poems because of their immediacy and their richness in meaning. In my opinion, Haiku are an ideal tool to express experiences with a minimum of words, by means of symbolism and metaphor.  The simple free form of Haiku poems motivated me to try to experiment in writing Haiku poemsThis is a Haiku written by me, in my effort to describe the meaning of progress from an initial state to its end/‘telos’, through the interpretation of geometry.                           For this Haiku I have been inspired by cosmological connotation of fragmentation and the connection of parts with ‘wholeness’.                        I chose this Haiku poem from his ‘Sixteen Haiku - Book of Gymnasmaton’ written between(1928-1937) because I was attracted not only by its meaning but also by the way that Seferis tried to make a poem out of a rhetorical question. The keyword (rhetorical question) ‘How can you gather’ gives the poem an enigmatic character.                         2012 Other audiovisual experiments