Vasileios Agiomyrgianakis (Basmyr) is an audio-visual artist who is currently based in Athens, Greece.


Vasileios last work is "Sound Enigmata" a real time data driven sonification of a Magnetic Storm.  

Use of creative programming environment, SuperCollider. 

Data: Noa's Enigma.


Agiomyrgianakis completed his degree (BA Hnrs) in “Audio and Visual Arts” at the Ionian University (Corfu) in 2012, and he did his PhD at the University of Huddersfield in School of “Music, Humanities and Media”.


For many years he has been occupied with concrete music and abstract visuals. He attended and participated in various festivals such as European Researchers' Night 2017 at Hellenic World, AVarts 2009 and 2017 at Megaron, Holmfirth Film and Huddersfield Video Music Festivals where he presented and performed his works.